RFID Retail Inventory Management & Stock-taking

RFID Retail Inventory Management can speed up Daily Inventory Taking (Stock Cycle Count) in Retail stores and large format chain stores. With multiple stores, it becomes difficult to get an accurate real-time stock count. RFID Stock Taking allows you to automate this process and get clean, accurate inventory data every time.

RFID Retail Inventory Management is successfully used in garments/apparel, electronic products, FMCG and even furniture stores.

CopperSpiral has completed many pilots and full-scale roll-out of RFID Retail Inventory Management solutions. In each of our existing solutions, we have enabled a 100% working solution where our years of RFID expertise comes into play.

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RFID Retail Inventory Management - Store Stock Count

Why RFID Retail Inventory Tracking ?

Ways in which RFID Retail Inventory Management helps Retail Stores, Large Format and Modern Trade Stores: :

  • RFID Stock Count or RFID Cycle Count
  • RFID Understock/Overstock Reporting
  • RFID Shrink Management Audit
  • RFID Point of Sale (POS) Automation

RFID Retail Inventory Tracking for Garment/Apparel

What are important uses for RFID Retail Inventory Tracking?

  • Log movement of shop floor inventory between stock-room (store room) and display cabinets
  • Track movement between warehouse and stores and between multiple stores (store stock transfer)
  • Empower logistics team to check for improper removal of inventory from their designated position.
  • Confirm movement to point of sale/billing counter

What RFID hardware is needed?

What RFID software is needed?

  • RFID Stock Taking Software
  • RFID Middleware for interaction between RFID Stock Counting Software and ERP Software

What kinds of retailers use RFID Retail Inventory Management?

  • Garments and Apparel Retailers: Sarees, Mens wear, Footwear
  • Consumer Electronics: Tablets, Smartphones, Cameras
  • Fashion Accessories: Watches, Sunglasses, Bags
  • Chain retailers: To track inventory across the group

What experience does CopperSpiral have in RFID Shop  Inventory Management solutions?

  • CopperSpiral has deployed multiple Retail Store Inventory Management solutions at Bhima Jewels, Jadav Jewels, Imagine Apple Stores
  • We have deployed RFID  Retail Inventory Tracking systems across multiple cities and dozens of stores
  • Our RFID Retail Inventory Tracking System has consistently shown 99.9% uptime performance in a demanding retail store environment.
  • We have 100% capability to take RFID Projects from conception to deployment stage
  • CopperSpiral is among India’s Top 3 Independent RFID System Integrators