RFID Jewellery Tracking for Jewelry Stores

RFID Jewellery Tracking by CopperSpiral RFID has been successfully deployed at many Jewelery Retail and Wholesale stores across India.
We have completed RFID for Jewellery Tracking for clients in Mumbai, Surat, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

For RFID Jewellery Tracking for Jewellery Stores, CopperSpiral has completed many pilots and full-scale roll-out of solutions. In these solutions, we have worked with the client to give a 100% customized solution depending on the store size and internal method of taking daily stock. This is where our years of RFID experience comes into play.

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RFID Jewellery Tag

RFID Jewellery Tag

How is Jewellery Tracking done without RFID today?

It is common industry practice to move all items from the display into vaults every night. In addition to this daily movement, items may be periodically sent to shows or exhibitions for a few days. Every time jewellery items are moved they need to be counted and inventoried.Loss of even a single item can be expensive. As a result Jewelers need to keep track of their assets for both accounting as well as insurance purposes.

Currently, Jewellery Stores use a combination of software or excel sheets + barcode or handwritten stickers to track and inventory jewellery items.