RFID Fixed Asset Tracking

RFID Fixed Asset Tracking has been a compelling use of RFID in large Enterprises and Fortune 500 corporations.

It is a well known fact that as organisations grow larger, there needs to be greater emphasis on using automated methods to track, trace, log and report on movement of the most important assets of the organization.

CopperSpiral has completed many pilots and full-scale roll-out of RFID Fixed Asset Tracking solution. In each of our solutions, our years of RFID experience shines through and we make sure the solution works just as designed.

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RFID Fixed Asset Tracking: RFID Asset Audit for Valuation, Depreciation and Customs compliance

In Customs bonded warehouses, the Fixed Asset Register (FAR) details can be tracked for bonded and non-bonded assets and Fixed Assets Register can be kept up-to-date using RFID.

RFID Fixed Asset Tracking has been used by many companies to ensure compliance with STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) regulations on control of bonded goods movement within bonded warehouses.

Why RFID Fixed Asset Tracking for STPI, SEZ and Bonded Warehouse?

Ways in which RFID helps STPI registered companies in IT Parks, IT SEZ (Special Economic Zone) and Bonded Warehouses in companies:

  • RFID Quality Audit
  • RFID Risk Audit
  • RFID Management Audit
  • RFID Asset Count (RFID Quantity) Audit

RFID for Quality, Risk and Management Audits

What are important uses for RFID Fixed Asset Tracking?

  • Log movement of company-owned Assets such as Machines, Lab Equipment and Calibration Equipment
  • Track movement between work areas, rooms and across the campus.
  • Empower security guards to check for improper removal of assets from it’s designated location.
  • Confirm identity of person carrying the Asset to ensure unauthorized people are restricted

What RFID hardware is needed?

What RFID software is needed?

  • RFID Fixed Asset Tracking Software
  • RFID Middleware for interaction between RFID Fixed Asset Tracking Software and Fixed Asset Register (FAR)

What kinds of companies use RFID Laptop Tracking?

  • Companies that have Customs Bonded Warehouses
  • Companies that are located in Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) Locations
  • Companies that are located in Special Economic Zones (SEZ)
  • Companies that have large number of fixed assets and capital goods such as Software Companies, Manufacturing locations, Financial and non-financial services offices and white-collar offices.

What experience does CopperSpiral have in RFID Fixed Asset Tracking solutions?

  • CopperSpiral has deployed India’s largest RFID Fixed Asset Tracking project at Honeywell
  • We have deployed RFID Fixed Asset Tracking across multiple cities and dozens of buildings
  • Our RFID Fixed Asset Tracking System has consistently performed at over 99% uptime for multiple years.
  • We have 100% capability to take RFID Solutions from conception to deployment stage
  • CopperSpiral is among India’s Top 3 Independent RFID System Integrators