NFC Phone and Tag Compatibility List

Does your phone have NFC ?

CopperSpiral RFID has taken this comprehensive list of globally available NFC enabled phones and tablets from the website of RapidNFC.

These guys have worked hard to verify all the listed models direct with manufacturers so you can have the most up-to-date information.

Which NFC tags are compatible with my phone ?

You can now check your phones compatibility with the most popular NFC tags. Where the NFC tag compatibility is listed as ‘format‘ your tags will need to be pre-formatted as NDEF prior to use.
When you Buy NFC Tags in India from CopperSpiral’s NFC shop, just let us know and we will pre-format them for free.

ManufacturerModelPlatformNFC Tag Compatibility
BlackberryZ30Blackberry OS 10YesNoYes
BlackberryBold 9790Blackberry OSYesNoYes
BlackberryBold 9900Blackberry OSYesNoYes
BlackberryBold 9930Blackberry OSYesNoYes
BlackberryCurve 9350Blackberry OSYesNoYes
BlackberryCurve 9360Blackberry OSYesNoYes
BlackberryCurve 9370Blackberry OSYesNoYes
BlackberryCurve 9380Blackberry OSYesNoYes
BlackberryQ10Blackberry OS 10YesNoYes
BlackberryQ5Blackberry OS 10YesNoYes
BlackberryZ10Blackberry OS 10YesNoYes
GoogleGalaxy NexusAndroidYesYesYes
GoogleNexus 10AndroidYesNoYes
GoogleNexus 4AndroidYesNoYes
GoogleNexus 5AndroidYesNoYes
GoogleNexus 7 (Current Version)AndroidYesNoYes
GoogleNexus 7 (Older Versions)AndroidYesYesYes
GoogleNexus SAndroidYesYesYes
HTCOne MaxAndroidYesYesYes
HTCOne SVAndroidYesYesYes
HTCOne VXAndroidYesYesYes
HTCOne XAndroidYesYesYes
HTCOne X+AndroidYesYesYes
HTCOne XLAndroidYesYesYes
LGG2 D802AndroidYesNoYes
LGOptimus 4X HDAndroidYesYesYes
LGOptimus L5AndroidYesYesYes
LGOptimus L7 IIAndroidYesNoYes
LGOptimus VuAndroidYesYesYes
LGOptimus Vu 2AndroidYesYesYes
LGPrada 3.0AndroidYesYesYes
LGSpectrum 2AndroidYesYesYes
NokiaLumia 1020Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 1520Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 2520Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 610 NFC VersionWindows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 620 NFC VersionWindows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 720Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 810Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 820Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 822Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 920Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
NokiaLumia 925Windows PhoneFormatFormatYes
SamsungAtiv SAndroidYesYesYes
SamsungGalaxy Ace 3AndroidYesNoYes
SamsungGalaxy Express 2AndroidYesNoYes
SamsungGalaxy MegaAndroidYesNoYes
SamsungGalaxy Mini 2AndroidYesYesYes
SamsungGalaxy NexusAndroidYesNoYes
SamsungGalaxy Note 2AndroidYesYesYes
SamsungGalaxy Note 3AndroidYesNoYes
SamsungGalaxy S2AndroidYesYesYes
SamsungGalaxy S3AndroidYesYesYes
SamsungGalaxy S4AndroidYesNoYes
SamsungGalaxy S4 ActiveAndroidYesNoYes
SamsungGalaxy S4 MiniAndroidYesYesYes
SamsungGalaxy S4 zoomAndroidYesNoYes
SonyXperia Acro SAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia IonAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia LAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia MAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia PAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia SAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia SLAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia solaAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia SolaAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia SPAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia TAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia Tablet ZAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia TXAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia VAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia ZAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia Z UltraAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia Z1AndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia Z1 CompactAndroidYesYesYes
SonyXperia ZLAndroidYesYesYes

Note:┬áThe team and RapidNFC maintains this list regularly and take care to ensure it is accurate but it’s use is intended as guidance only. However, phone specifications change regularly and from region to region and we strongly recommend that you check with your retailer or phone operator that NFC is enabled on your phone before you make your purchase!

We are showing you only a few items.
For the full list, please do visit RapidNFC’s website.

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