Barcode RFID Comparison

Differences between Barcode and RFID Technologies – Barcode RFID Comparison.


green_tick  RFID

red_cross  Scan items one-by-onegreen_tick  Scan many items at once
red_cross  Tags are not reusablegreen_tick  Reuse tags 100’s of times
red_cross  Only visible items scannedgreen_tick  Scan items inside boxes/bags
red_cross  Cannot track individual piecesgreen_tick  Easily track individual pieces
red_cross  Cannot track Approval/Selectiongreen_tick  Easily track Approval/Selection
red_cross  Takes full day to do store inventorygreen_tick  Store inventory in minutes
red_cross  Can be easily damagedgreen_tick  Rough-n-tough tags, last years

When it comes to a Barcode RFID Comparison, we’ve done our homework.
We know whats right, and more importantly, whats not.

Barcode vs RFID

Barcode vs RFID

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